Commercial Site Work

Prepare Your Site for Construction

Prepare Your Site for Construction

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It's important to start your commercial building project with a clean slate. Clear the way for a solid foundation with the help of Gordon T. Burke & Sons, Inc. We offer commercial excavation services in the North Conway, NH area.

We'll take care of everything that's required to prepare your site, including:

Land and lot clearing
Land grading
Site utility excavation
Sewer line excavation

Site Utility Excavation
You can trust us to clear the property, then level and shape it to make your site ready for construction. We'll also dig trenches to accommodate the power, sewer and utility services your building needs.

Let us know if you have any special features to prepare for on your site, such as retaining walls, and we'll take them into account. Get in touch with Gordon T. Burke & Sons today to schedule your commercial excavation services.

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During your consultation, we'll go over the project to get an idea of what you want to accomplish. Then we'll create a game plan, give you a free estimate and schedule a time to get started on the job.

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